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Metabolic Efficiency Coaching:
I will help you dial in your daily macros (fat, protein, carbs) to optimize your health and performance. It is not just for athletes. We welcome anyone looking to improve their quality of life. I teach you how to control your blood sugar through the balance of nutrients in each meal. This turns on your bodies natural ability to use fat as its primary fuel source. Learn how this is done. here.

Triathlon/Run Coaching:TriDotStackedRGB-01
As a mom, wife, athlete, race director and full time business owner, I know what is it like to balance a busy life. It’s why I believe in the Tridot system. It allows me give you quality workouts instead of quantity as well as closely monitor your progress. Train for your next half marathon, marathon, sprint, or half/full Ironman by maximizing your training time. I get to you know you as a person to learn what makes you tick. I work closely with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your training while helping you balance all aspects of your daily life.

Tridot pricing packages can be found at TriDot. Coached athletes get a 20% discount on all metabolic efficiency packages.

Help in understanding the balance of macros to control your blood sugar and optimize short and long term health.

Busy schedules can get in the way of staying on track so why not take advantage of our virtual consults.

Daily/weekly coaching where we’ll provide feedback on your progress and update your plan as needed.

Every January I always tell myself I’m finally getting into shape and adopting a healthier lifestyle…and every year I end up putting those priorities on the back burner and then ultimately they get dropped all together. This year it feels different “this will be the year”…I 100% believe that, because I found Coach Jessica and Metabolic Efficiency coaching at Baxter Performance. I’m only 2 months into the program and not only is the weight coming off but more importantly I feel amazing. My energy level throughout the day stays steady, no mid afternoon crashes. Every day I feel stronger and ready for the days challenges . Gone are all the little aches and pains I normally have during training. Every morning I wake up refreshed and recovered ready for the next workout. I know it’s only been two months but I feel really optimistic about achieving my goal of adopting a healthier lifestyle in 2017. I only wish I found this earlier. Thanks Coach Jessica. I can’t wait to see where we are in 6 months.
Robby Gentry


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